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The great stories of the Puranas came to me quite late in life, and still, they fired my imagination and fulfilled a longing for the depiction of another, higher reality which I am sure is shared by almost all humans. We all love a good tale! Each country has its heroes, but mostly they are war-like heroes,fighters, often outlaws and outcasts, following their beliefs in the face of all obstacles, showing a type of bravery that is perhaps beyond the possibilities of most people. But the characters of, for instance, the Mahabharata, portray, as said in the blog, all characteristics. Such fascinating characters, in all their complexity and fascinating duality! for instance Karna...how I love him. So brave, so generous, yet so desperate and pained by the dual fate of being an absolute hero and yet living out his life always in the face of obstacles seemingly planted at his very birth. The choices he had to make...often so tragic! I am so grateful for these teachings. Hari Aum!

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